It is time to select Autocross committee members for the 2020 season.

You are welcome to volunteer yourself or nominate someone else to fill any committee position. Each position has incumbents running, but please do not hesitate to run for any position that you are interested in. The descriptions of the responsibilities for each committee position are available in the Operations Manual.

Chief of Equipment: Chris Humphries
Chief of Registration: Laurie McCelvey
Chief of Rookies: Brian Maskrey
Chief of Safety: Donna Peiser Trusty
Chief of Tech: Matt Baum
Chief of Timing: Reymond Singson
Chief of Waivers: Lynn Adams Ketcham
Chief of Web: Jeff Thomson
Chief of Workers: Cody Brooks
Secretary: Shannon Saxby
Treasurer: Ricardo Barnes

Now is the time to make your contribution to the continued success of the autocross program. All nominations should be sent to the committee Secretary at

Now until October 29th: Accepting Nominations
November 4th – November 18th: Online Voting