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2021 Autocross Committee

The Houston Region SCCA Autocross Committee is comprised of a group of individuals who try to bring ALL autocross participants the best autocross program possible.

Everyone is encouraged to attend the Autocross committee meetings. We meet once a month to discuss upcoming events, rules changes, new programs, past event reviews, resolve any issues, and review plans/proposals to improve the autocross program. The Autocross Committee meetings are held on the Tuesday prior to our next event. Meetings start at 7:00pm, but many of us arrive starting at 6:00pm to have dinner and socialize beforehand.

Autocross Committee Members

Daniel McCelvey
Daniel McCelveyAssistant Regional Executive, Solo
Brian Maskrey
Brian MaskreyChief of Rookies
Matt Baum
Matt BaumChief of Tech
Chris Fletcher
Chris FletcherChief of Equipment
Corey Phillips
Corey PhillipsChief of Timing
Brett Schultz
Brett SchultzChief of Workers
Laurie McCelvey
Laurie McCelveyChief of Registration / Chief of Waivers
V Michel Buck
V Michel BuckSecretary / Chief of Trophies
Ricardo Barnes
Ricardo BarnesTreasurer
Jeff Thomson
Jeff ThomsonChief of Web
Robert Horton
Robert HortonChief of Safety