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Become a Race Official

Help make the sport as safe and fun as possible, learn about the sport, and watch the excitement up close by becoming a race official. Get started today by becoming an SCCA member so you can find your role in the world of motorsports!

Race Official Roles

Flagging and Communications
This worker takes a position along the course and uses flags and hand signals to communicate track conditions to each driver.

These workers puts the cars in the proper order based on qualifying times. They are in charge of making sure drivers have the proper safety gear and that their car is visibly ready for the next session.

Emergency Services
If you have training in medical response, firefighting or vehicle recovery expertise, you can put your specialized skills to work by providing crucial event support.

If your idea of fun is to have all eyes focused intently on you while you savor your moment of total control, you’ll have great fun being a starter.

Pre-race safety inspections, preparation compliance, post-race inspections, mechanical teardowns — if you like to stick your nose under the hood, this is the job for you.

Timing and Scoring
These positions collect the numbers that tell the story – who drove how fast and in what place each driver finished the race.

The registrar is the intake person who meets and greets arriving participants, and issues and verifies their credentials.

This person runs the show by making sure all are doing what they’re supposed to be doing. The steward also verifies that everyone knows and follows the rules.”

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