What class would my car run in

SCCA Autocross has six major competition categories which are then broken down in classes of like cars.

The major categories are as follows:

Autocross Rules/Classes

The SCCA annually publishes the Autocross Rules to classify a full range of imported and domestic sports cars, sedans, and purpose-built race cars, as well as to layout the basic rules behind Autocross competition. The Autocross Car Classifications are provided so that you may determine what types of cars are typically competing in Autocross, although there is a class for just about any vehicle. The organizers of local events are also allowed enough leeway to add classes to suit their particular requirements.

National Rules/Classes

  • Click here to view a PDF of the current Solo Handbook from the SCCA site.
  • Click here for all PAX numbers.

Regional Rules/Classes

  • Click here to view a PDF of the Houston Region SCCA 2023 Solo Operations Manual.