New! Online Course Design School, Parts 1 & 2

Course Design School Part 1

Course Design School Part 2


by Roger “The Real” Johnson

Note: Part 1 of the course runs approximately 1 hour.
Part 2 of the course runs approximately 1.5 hours.

Miscellaneous Course Maps

This is a collection of course maps from various locations.   All of maps are made with a scale of 1 pt = 1 ft. Each location includes a single layer PDF Set Up Map, and when available a multi layered Adobe Illustrator Master File.

1. Solo Nationals – from 1995 to 2021

2. Texas A&M, Smyrna, TX

3. PPIR, Colorado Springs, CO

4. Canadian Nationals

5. Circuit of the Americas, Austin, TX

6. Grand Sport Speedway, Hitchcock, TX

7. The Netherlands

8. Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Las Vegas, NV

9. 2018 Nationals Tour, Mineral Wells. TX

Other Course Design Resources

Solo Course Design Manual

This document is required reading for all Houston Region Course designers. Every spring we offer a one day course design skool based off of this material as well. Non-course designers also find this booklet handy to help see through the common visual disguises and tricks found in Solo2 Course design.

Standard Practice Course

This is a permanently painted practice course at the Gulf Greyhound Park site. In a practice we may choose to set up Part/All/none of this design. The usual is that we set up the main course, “D” and slalom because that is easy. We may or may not have timing set up and we may even have split times available. What gets set up and what does not is the choice of the Practice Chairperson.

Blank Maps for Course Designers

GrandSport Speedway blank map
GIF File, or PDF File;

Gulf Greyhound Park blank map
GIF File, or PDF File;

Houston Police Academy blank map
GIF File, or PDF File;